FSCast 222, A demo of how to customize notifications using regular expressions, and Leona Godin discusses her book “There Plant Eyes: A Personal & Cultural History of blindness”

On FSCast 222, we’ll demonstrate how creating rules to manage notifications just got more powerful, thanks to the use of regular expressions.  It may sound a bit intimidating, but we’ll take it step by step, and you’ll see just how easy it really is.

Then we’ll meet M. Leona Godin and hear about her book “There Plant Eyes: A Personal and Cultural History of Blindness.”

Activate link to listen, right click to download. You can also read the transcript.

If you want to dig further into regular expressions, this Gentle User Guide and Tutorial is a good place to start. There are plenty of others which you can find by searching for the term “regular expressions” using your favorite search engine.

Here’s where you can find Leona Godin’s main blog, and here’s Aromatica Poetica – Exploring the Arts & Sciences of Smell & Taste 

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  1. Mel Bellefontaine

    Fascinating! Thanks so much for covering this ground. Wonder about using the concept of pattern matching in other JAWS contexts as well: e.g. I thought about the idea of using a dictionary manager entry to fix the pronunciation of domain names in URLs. Here’s an example of what I mean – I recall this one because I experienced it yesterday: there’s a website
    I want to here “Ebb and Flow Forest School dot com” Messed up /garbled speech comes up in a lot of URLs, and in other contexts as well; being able to create a rule using pattern matching might be a powerful way to fix this, instead of having to read the string character by character to hear correctly the domain name.
    And thank you much for the interview with Dr. Godin; I have to read that book. 🙂

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