FSOpenLine, Freedom Scientific’s live call-in show

Join us on May 27, 2021, for the next FSOpenLine

Our next FSOpenLine takes place on Thursday, May 27, 2021, at 3 PM Eastern time. 

Join Glen Gordon, our Chief Technology Officer, Rachel Buchanan, User Education and Outreach Manager, and Eric Damery, Freedom Scientific’s Vice President Software Product Management, and get your questions answered.

To join FSOpenLine using Zoom, please choose this link.

Note, if you are asked for a meeting ID, please type 727-803-8000


While we highly recommend using the Zoom app for the best audio quality and functionality, you can also participate via phone. Here are some phone numbers available.

  • US: +1-646-876-9923 or +1-669-900-6833
  • Australia: +61-0-2-8015-2088 or +61-0-8-7150-1149
  • Canada: +1-647-558-0588
  • Germany: +49-0-30-3080-6188 or +49-0-30-5679-5800
  • United Kingdom: +44-0-20-3051-2874 or +44-0-20-3695-0088
  • Ireland: +353-0-1-691-7488
  • New Zealand: +64-0-4-831-8959 or +64-0-9-801-1188
  • South Africa: +27-87-551-7702

When you call in via phone, you’ll be asked for a meeting ID. It is: 727-803-8000

If you’re new to FSOpenLine, continue reading to learn more.

FSCast Archives and Transcripts

To listen to previous FSOpenLine episodes and read transcripts, visit our FSCast page.

What is FSOpenLine?

FSOpenLine is Freedom Scientific’s call-in show, and an adjunct to our podcast, FSCast.

Since 2006, we’ve used FSCast to inform you of the latest developments here at Freedom Scientific, and in recent years we’ve added a listener comment line. We enjoy getting your feedback, and want to provide an additional interactive, immediate way of having a conversation with our customers.

Join the key people from our product management and engineering teams who’ll update you on new technology, and, most importantly, take your questions. If you’ve always wanted the opportunity to share that great product idea with people who might be able to make your dream feature happen, or you want to ask a question about anything related to Freedom Scientific technology, then you’ll want to be a part of FSOpenLine.

Sometimes, the show will have a specific theme which we’ll announce in advance. At other times we’ll leave the show wide open so you can steer its direction.

Scroll down this page to the heading called “The next FSOpenLine” to learn about our next show and when it’s on.

What time is FSOpenLine?

Since it would be impossible to pick a date and time that works everywhere in the world, FSOpenLine will take place at varying times. Our objective is to produce a show once each quarter.

If you’re unable to call into the show and participate live, we’ll make it available as an FSCast so you can hear the recording. Scroll down this page to the heading called “The next FSOpenLine” to learn about our next show and when it’s on.

How do I participate in FSOpenLine?

Zoom Cloud Meetings

Our recommended method is to use the Zoom Cloud Meetings software. Zoom is a free, accessible app available for all major desktop and mobile platforms. The Windows version works very well with JAWS, and the accessible mobile versions mean you can call in with iOS or Android when away from your PC. Audio quality is superior to phoning in.

Zoom will install when you activate the link to attend your first meeting, but you can install Zoom in advance and configure it to your preferences at the Zoom Download Center.

The team at Zoom have done an excellent job with accessibility, but the power of JAWS scripting means that it’s possible to add even more personalization and features. Brian Hartgen of Hartgen Consultancy has produced some free JAWS scripts for Zoom. For an explanation of the functionality the scripts add and to download the scripts, visit Hartgen Consultancy’s Zoom Scripts Page.

FSCast – Freedom Scientific’s Podcast

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