FSCast 176 – The 2020 versions of JAWS, ZoomText, and Fusion release at the end of October, a JAWS Power Tip, and things you might not know about our free product training.

Eric Damery is back to get you prepared for the upcoming product releases, Debee Armstrong offers up a  JAWS Power tip, and Rachel Buchanan  talks about the ongoing process of enhancing free product training and documentation.

Right click this link to save the podcast or read the transcript.


  1. Cathy Schmitt Whitaker

    When I went to listen to FSCast 176 from this web page: https://blog.freedomscientific.com/fscast-176-the-2020-versions-of-jaws-zoomtext-and-fusion-release-at-the-end-of-october-a-jaws-power-tip-and-things-you-might-not-know-about-our-free-product-training/, JAWS stated “right click to save the podcast” yet no mention that this was also the play button to listen to the episode. I spent some time navigating around trying to find a Pplay” button for the episode, before deciding to click on the “right click here to save the podcast”. Please label the button as play in addition to the instructions for saving the episode. Thanks

    • Glen Gordon

      Excellent idea. Starting with FSCast 177, we’ve changed the wording of the link to be clearer.

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