Three Reasons to Learn Google Sheets and JAWS

Google Sheets is a popular web-based spreadsheet application used at home, in school, and at work. Whether you use spreadsheets to create personal budgets, keep track of course assignments, or collaborate with fellow employees on important projects, accessing them via an online tool offers several distinct advantages. Here are three to consider.

Data Saves Automatically

When you enter or change data in Sheets, that information is automatically saved. This eliminates the need to frequently save changes and decreases the chance of data loss.

Google Sheets Behaves Much Like Other Spreadsheet Applications

Google Sheets operates much like other spreadsheet applications, providing a wide range of features for record-keeping and data calculation. If you’re already familiar with how spreadsheets work, odds are using Sheets will result in a similar experience.

Access Google Sheets From Anywhere

Google Sheets is accessible from anywhere an internet connection is present and is available via computers and mobile devices. This makes creating, sharing, and collaborating on spreadsheets more convenient than ever before.

Co-workers can exchange ideas in real-time, making changes as they go. TVIs and other instructors can collaborate with students both in and out of the classroom to teach spreadsheet and screen reader skills.

Want to begin harnessing the power of spreadsheet creation from anywhere? Join us on Thursday, November 7 for our live webinar, “Google Sheets and JAWS.” We’ll show you how to:

  • Turn on accessibility settings
  • Navigate and edit spreadsheets
  • Enter basic functions, and more.

Not signed up? Register for Google Sheets and JAWS today and increase your productivity in this popular cloud-based application.