Using the Zoom Video Conferencing Platform with JAWS

If you’ve taken part in our live webinars or other trainings this year, you’ve used the cloud-based conferencing solution by Zoom Video Communications commonly known as Zoom. This widely used platform enables us to offer remote training regardless of where you reside and is equipped with many powerful features that promote learning through personal interaction with you.

Here on the FS Training Team, we regularly use Zoom to conduct or attend webinars, meetings, other trainings, and demonstrations. its wealth of features make it possible to easily chat with attendees, configure audio settings, and share screen content all while using JAWS.

We’ve received many requests to offer a training on using Zoom with JAWS, so put together this short 20-minute pre-recorded instructional demo to help you navigate it more easily and efficiently. Whether you only use Zoom to participate in FS trainings or frequently attend meetings that utilize the platform, you’ll benefit from this brief but comprehensive training video.

Learn how to:

  • Register for a meeting or webinar
  • Join a meeting or webinar
  • Navigate the Zoom program window in both webinars and meetings
  • Participate in a chat
  • Adjust audio settings

We also provide useful keyboard commands for quick navigation. Download this short tutorial, JAWS and Zoom from our Webinars Page to gain greater control of the Zoom interface and improve your proficiency when attending FS trainings and other events.