Take Advantage of Our Incredible JAWS and ZoomText Certification Discounts from Now to the End of July

Are you interested in becoming a certified JAWS or ZoomText user at an incredible discount? Want to renew an existing certification while taking advantage of unbelievable savings?

From now through July 31, you can purchase into the Freedom Scientific Certification Program at an 80% discount through the Freedom Scientific Training and Certification page. Use discount code cert2019 to pay only a fraction of the regular initial certification price of $99.00 and the renewal price of $39.00.

Benefits of Purchasing into the Freedom Scientific Certification Program

Whether you’re an individual user, trainer, or consultant, there are several benefits to purchasing into the FS Certification Program. While there is no cost to study for and take the exams, purchasing the certificates will provide physical verification of your knowledge and skills.

In addition, your name will also be included on our website as a certified individual, displaying your proficiency with these applications. You’ll also receive a Freedom Scientific certification logo to include in your email correspondence or on your website.

Best of all, studying for and taking the exams will vastly improve your JAWS and ZoomText skills, strengthening your experience as a user or trainer of these powerful applications.

Certification Exam Resources

As a reminder, there are a number of resources you can use when preparing for the JAWS or ZoomText certification exams. The JAWS Basic Training materials included with JAWS are a great place to start as are the ZoomText resources included with the application. See the JAWS Exam Details and FAQs page and ZoomText Exam Details and FAQs page for additional resources.

Our Webinars page also includes archives of live webinars and task-based trainings that will provide extra study materials. Use discount code cert2019 when you visit the FS Training and Certification page and don’t miss this unparalleled opportunity!