Fusion Suite 2023 Public Beta 1 is Available

Would you like a sneak peek at JAWS, ZoomText, and Fusion 2023 before they are released? Download Public Beta 1 to take part in our development process and provide valuable feedback to Freedom Scientific.

What Is Fusion Suite Public Beta 1?

Fusion Suite refers to three Freedom Scientific software products—JAWS, ZoomText, and Fusion. The Public Beta 2023 release enables users to test new features and enhancements before the upcoming final release of Fusion Suite 2023.

Note: Public Beta was created for testing purposes. It is not the final software.

What Can You Expect?

Any user with a license for JAWS, ZoomText, or Fusion 2022 can run the Public Beta software as a full version. If you do not have a license for JAWS, ZoomText, or Fusion 2022, you can install the Public Beta version and run it in 40 Minute Demo mode.

You do not need to remove earlier versions of JAWS, ZoomText, or Fusion to install and run the Public Beta.

While in Public Beta, general technical support of JAWS, ZoomText, or Fusion 2023 is not available using our support phone lines or email. If you experience problems installing Public Beta or authorization issues, however, we can assist you. Go to the Freedom Scientific Support page for contact information.

Please provide your valued feedback using the Beta Report Form. All remarks will be carefully considered in the continuing development and enhancement of the Fusion Suite.

What Features Can You Test?

New features you can be one of the first to assess include:

  • Smart Glance, which is a JAWS and Fusion feature that enables users to quickly locate text on web pages that contains certain attributes. Attributes can include colors or fonts chosen by the developer to draw attention to specific text.
  • Improvements to the Notification History feature introduced in the June 2022 update of JAWS and Fusion
  • A solution for Dell Waves Max Audio issues for those running JAWS, ZoomText, or Fusion on a Dell computer
  • JAWS support for ARM64 devices
  • Tethered View in ZoomText and Fusion, which enables you to view activities outside the magnified viewing area when using higher magnification levels

Visit the Public Beta page to read more about these enhancements and download the Public Beta software. The link is also available near the bottom of the Freedom Scientific home page under the heading for Software Releases.

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