FSCast 240, a visit with Doug Geoffray, and a demo of the Bitwarden password manager

On FSCast 240, we’re joined by screen reading pioneer Doug Geoffray.  We’ll hear about the development of Vocal-Eyes, Window-Eyes, and Doug’s eventual transition to Microsoft, where he helps ensure that their new products are accessible.  

Then, a deep dive into password managers, two-factor authentication, and a demo of using the Bitwarden password manager with JAWS.

Activate link to listen, right click to download. You can also read the transcript.

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  1. FSCast

    Since the episode originally posted, we’ve gotten reports that it’s impossible to install the hCaptcha cookie while on the Bitwarden site to sign up for an account. The best approach to work around this is to first go to https://dashboard.hcaptcha.com/signup?type=accessibility. Sign up with your email address, you’ll get an introductory email message, and you’ll be able to install the accessibility cookie from there. Once the cookie is installed, Bitwarden will let you check the box saying “I am Human” without actually solving a CAPTCHA.

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