FSCast 207, What’s new in Windows 11, and an interview with Cassandra McNabb McKinney

On FSCast 207, improvements to Tandem security require JAWS and Fusion to be up to date, and Richard Kuzma tells us how he’s using a combination of Tandem and Voice Assistant to support a fellow blind user.

Though Windows 11 sports a new visual look, it’s very much like Windows 10 if you’re a JAWS user. We’ll demonstrate some of what’s changed to help you decide if now is the time to update.

Plus, a visit with Cassandra McNabb McKinney whose low vision and works as a funeral director and Embalmer. She had a personal calling to pursue this profession, and we’ll here the story of what it took to get to where she is today.

Activate link to listen, right click to download. You can also read the transcript.

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  1. Jeff Abrams

    I thought there was TMI on Windows 11, in way too little time. For those of us who haven’t installed W11 yet, there was no context, no way to follow along an test your examples. There should definitely be some followup webcasts where the divergent features of W11 are better explored.

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