FSCast 160, what’s new in JAWS 2019 beta 2, a demonstration of our new Home Annual licensing portal for US customers, and Jonathan Mosen says goodbye

Public beta 2 of JAWS 2019 is just around the corner. Eric Damery and Jonathan Mosen discuss and demonstrate the new features.

Soon, there’ll be a new option for licensing JAWS and ZoomText if you’re a home user in the United States. Jonathan demonstrates the new portal for Home Annual licenses as it nears completion.

And after producing 160 episodes of this podcast, Jonathan Mosen says goodbye, reflecting on his time behind the FSCast microphone and wishing FSCast every success in future episodes.

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  1. Loreal Lavigna

    As a JAWS user for nearly 2 decades, I’m excited to see just what FS has in store with the coming release of JAWS 2019 and on into the future! I’m sorry to see Jonathan Mosen leaving the podcast, as I’ve thoroughly enjoyed listening to the podcast over the years and have loved how well Jonathan’s work with it from my first listen! I wish him nothing but the best in his future success!

  2. Kevin

    I’m soooooo, soooooo excited for the JAWS anual license–you have no idea! I can finally afford JAWS! Thanks a million!

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