What’s New with FS Training

In the early days, JAWS basic training was recorded on cassettes, was included with the software, and contained all you needed to begin your exploration into just what the JAWS screen reader could do. From one tone-indexed section to the next, you were taken through a series of guided lessons and exercises designed to develop basic computer skills essential for multiple facets of work and play.

As the 21st century fast approached, it was clear technology was moving in a direction that would allow for a broader exchange of information, presenting more learning opportunities than ever before. As Freedom Scientific grew to encompass new brands and software, the ways in which we offered our basic training evolved.

The cassettes were swapped in favor of downloadable files, and the lessons were broken down into smaller sections that were easier to digest. We took advantage of the technology available to us and began offering trainings in multiple formats and methods.

As we move into 2019, we introduce even more training opportunities designed to provide you greater access to a wealth of product features and commonly used applications. Whether you’re using the JAWS screen reader, ZoomText screen magnifier, or both combined as Fusion, this information can be accessed via our basic training downloads, a series of regularly scheduled free webinars, training web pages, videos, and more.

We’ll present new product features, outline common tasks, and provide valuable resources that are essential components of the fast-changing technological landscape of today. Meet the FS Training team, find out what’s coming in our webinar series, discover new training offerings, and much more. Check out our training resources and get to know the powerful products you depend on even better.

Find out at our upcoming webinar “What’s new with FS Training” on Thursday, January 17 at 12:00 ET.  Learn more on our website or register for the webinar.


  1. Stefen

    The thing I remember most about the basic training tapes was the music bed used in the JAWS 3.5 tapes at the beginning and between sections. Anyone have any idea where that was from?

  2. Fernando Gregoire

    The next advancement need to be training material in other languages than English, at least the text of the DAISY books.

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