Three Benefits of Choosing the Focus Blue Braille Display

The Focus Blue refreshable braille displays promote braille literacy by providing a tactile interface for your computer or mobile device. When used together with a screen reader such as JAWS® for Windows, these compact solutions enhance your reading and writing experience by placing a wealth of information at your fingertips.

A picture of the Focus 40 Blue braille display

The Focus is available in 14, 40, and 80 refreshable braille cells, so you can take braille where ever you go. Here are three unique benefits of choosing the Focus Blue Braille Display.

Establish a Seamless Connection

The drivers required for the Focus Blue display are included in the JAWS installation. When you connect the device to your computer via USB or Bluetooth, it should be automatically recognized so you can begin using braille right away. A manual configuration is also available.

Use Braille with a Wide Range of Devices

The Focus Blue can be paired to a wide range of devices including:

  • Windows computer
  • Mac computer
  • iOS devices
  • Android devices

You can also switch between USB and Bluetooth connections for greater versatility when using multiple devices.

Use Braille Study Mode to Enhance Braille Literacy

Braille Study Mode is a feature on the Focus Blue used to enhance braille literacy. Whether you’re learning or teaching braille, you’ll benefit from this useful tool.

When you press the cursor router button located above a specific braille cell, JAWS announces the character currently displayed in that cell. When the left or right selector button is pressed in conjunction with a cursor router button, JAWS announces and spells the current word.

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  1. Christopher Sullivan

    Braille study mode is wonderful. I would recommend adding the option to hear the dots in each cell. This may help if UEB and eight dot braille is new to you or there are characters you typically forget. Second, I find I take 30 second breaks at the end of paragraphs because I have Neuropathy. What type of compression glove would help with that?

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