The Importance of a Low Vision Support Group

Being diagnosed with an eye condition that will gradually degrade your vision could bring on a multitude of feelings ranging from shock and denial to depression and hopelessness. At times your visual impairment may leave you feeling isolated and alone. Having a support system surrounding you during this time can help to alleviate the stress and uncertainty caused by changing vision.

Though you may have close friends and family who will listen to your concerns; attending a low vision support group will enable you to connect with those who are facing the same challenges as you.

3 Reasons to Join a Low Vision Support Group

  1. Connect with others that have common experiences and concerns
  2. Stay informed about available assistive technology or new treatments
  3. Learn ways to cope, remain active, and stay positive

Many of the available low vision support groups will bring in eye care professionals, assistive technology representatives, nutritionists, and others top help you remain up to date on what is available to improve your quality of life. Finding ways to still enjoy your favorite hobbies, get out-and-about, manage your finances, and live as independently as possible is one of the most important steps you can take to successfully managing your changing eye condition.

Low vision support groups also offer you a wider social circle. Invite members of your support group to join in regular walks, get together for game night, plan meals together, or start a book club. Staying busy and physically active will help to combat feelings of isolation and depression.

To find a low vision support group in your area, check out these sources: