Stay Connected with Skype 8 and JAWS

Do you use Skype to keep in touch with family and friends, connect with other professionals, or attend important meetings? Want to know more about accessing this popular application with JAWS?
Check out our training, “Skype 8 and JAWS, Stay in Touch”. Keyboard commands have been incorporated into JAWS 2019, providing additional functionality with the Skype Windows Desktop application Version 8 and offering navigation options not included in Skype.
Topics covered in this comprehensive training include:
• Making sure you have the most accessible version of Skype
• Accessing Skype settings
• Mastering essential keyboard commands
• Navigating to the chat entry field
• Accessing chat history
• Answering and disconnecting calls
“Skype 8 and JAWS” is available in the archives section of our Webinars Page, so check it out today. Stream the MP4, download the MP3, and utilize the accompanying supplementals to gain greater access to the powerful features of Skype.

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