Saying good bye to an old friend…

When someone is as well recognized and regarded as Jonathan Mosen, it is hard to consider our company without his presence… his spirit, his informed perspective, and of course, his unique voice and the way he gets others to open up on our FScast interviews.

It’s true. Jonathan will be leaving us soon for a very exciting opportunity within our industry. If we could have it any other way we would, but alas he must move on.

Jonathan has been with Freedom Scientific for twelve years and made great contributions to our company and industry. He started as the Product Manager for Blindness Hardware, was a key voice in PAC Mate and the Focus braille display but is most famous as “the voice of FScast,” and the master behind our social media and blog postings.

Prior to Jonathan’s time with Freedom Scientific, he was a leader at other companies and non-profit organizations in our industry and has always been a strong advocate for blindness causes. But throughout all his contributions and involvement, in many ways Jonathan is just a down-to earth guy you can talk to about issues, ideas, or various topics, and always get a profound perspective.

As one can imagine, replacing a unique individual like Jonathan is not easy, and FScast, which he envisioned from the beginning, must live on. It may take on a different personality but with over 150 episodes since the first episode in December 2006, Jonathan’s indelible mark has been made.

Soon the news of Jonathan’s new destination will be made public, but for now all of us at Freedom Scientific want to thank him for his tremendous contributions to our company and our industry. Although we say goodbye and part ways as co-workers, we are certain that our paths will continue to cross, as Jonathan’s dedication to this industry and appreciation for our technology will continue.

From all of us at Freedom Scientific, good luck Jonathan, and thanks for everything!


  1. Thomas Upton

    What? I can’t really believe this! Noooooooooo! Why do we have to leave a great friend that I really really really really really really really like so much? That really made me so upset! I mean, I like his voice! Where is Jonathan going right now? I am still upset that Jonathan is leaving Freedomscientific altogether!

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