Join Us for a Live Webinar on Fusion

Want to get the most out of Fusion and its features? Join us Thursday, June 18 at noon Eastern for our live webinar, “Fusion, Setting Up Your Computer So It’s Perfect for Your Vision!” Whether you are new to Fusion or want to learn more about its features, you will benefit from this training.

What Is Fusion?

Fusion gives you ZoomText Magnifier/Reader and JAWS screen reader in one package. Use these applications together or separately to meet individual needs. When used together as Fusion, quickly adjust magnification and speech settings with the convenient user interface.

Fusion Benefits

Benefits of Fusion include:

  • Smoothly transition from screen magnification to a full screen reader. Individuals experiencing progressive vision loss can continue using screen magnification while growing accustomed to speech.
  • Increase proficiency and productivity. Users with advanced vision loss can benefit from both magnification and speech, and can choose what works best in any situation.

What You will Learn

During this training, we will provide 10 steps for setting up your work environment with Fusion. Webinar topics include:

  • What is Fusion?
  • Who can use Fusion?
  • Creating a working environment
  • Starting Fusion
  • Setting the zoom level and adjusting colors
  • Tracking the mouse, cursor, and focus
  • Using Speech On Demand at work or school
  • Adjusting speech preferences
  • Saving settings
  • Transitioning from MAGic to Fusion

Register for this webinar to learn how to configure Fusion. Can’t make it to the training? All our webinars are available to stream or download on our Webinars On Demand page.