What’s New in The June FS Software Releases?

The June Freedom Scientific JAWS, ZoomText, and Fusion software releases offer many new features and improvements. These include enhancements to the Braille and text viewers, plus a new option for wireless speakers and sound cards. Whether you use JAWS, ZoomText, or Fusion, you will benefit from what these updates offer.

Updated Braille and Text Viewers

The JAWS Braille Viewer displays an on-screen textual representation of what JAWS outputs on a refreshable braille display. This is useful for JAWS script writers, sighted instructors, and testers who do not read braille or have access to a braille device.

The Braille Viewer displays a representation of the number of cells on the connected braille display. JAWS and Fusion 2020 incorporate several updates to the Braille Viewer, including:

  • Improved support for displaying contracted braille
  • The ability to display both a textual representation and corresponding braille dot patterns of the refreshable braille output
  • Layered keystrokes to simulate display panning

Text Viewer, a feature familiar to MAGic users,  is now available in JAWS and Fusion. It allows users to work in a live application while referencing normalized text.

This text is displayed in a continuous line at the top or bottom of the screen. Formatting attributes such as font styles and colors can be controlled in the Text Viewer window so documents, emails, and web pages are easier to read. This feature is useful when encountering text with problematic formatting or contrasting colors.

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Keep Wireless Speakers and Sound Cards from Clipping Speech When JAWS or Fusion Begins Speaking

Many modern Bluetooth headphones and speakers, as well as some onboard sound cards, shut down when no audio is received to conserve battery. JAWS includes a new option to keep these devices awake by providing a silent audio signal so JAWS speech is not cut off.

Learn more about these and other features on the JAWS

, ZoomText, and Fusion What’s New pages. Visit the Freedom Scientific Software page to download your update today.