Introducing JAWS Training for Teachers and AT Instructors

Are you a teacher of the visually impaired or an assistive technology instructor? Want tips on where to start with your students? Visit our Teachers’ Resources page to learn about new JAWS training for teachers and AT instructors.

About the Training

“JAWS Training for Teachers and AT instructors” will assist you when teaching students how to use JAWS. Each lesson is made up of modules that include a series of tasks, demonstration videos, and a quiz to test your knowledge. You will also be asked to fill out a short online training evaluation form at the end of each lesson.

One new lesson will be added at the end of each month. You will learn tasks such as:

  • Start JAWS and create hotkeys
  • Use FSReader and access the JAWS Basic Training
  • Read and edit documents
  • Access JAWS help
  • Teach students web navigation using Surf’s Up
  • Use refreshable braille with JAWS

Check out the table of contents for a complete list of topics.

What’s Included in Lesson One?

Lesson One, Learning and Teaching JAWS – Introduction and Resources, introduces you to the training and provides a wealth of available resources. Learn how to:

  • Empower your students who are blind or low vision
  • Navigate the Freedom Scientific   Online Training Center
  • Access JAWS training in DAISY format
  • Access the Freedom Scientific online webinars and recorded archives
  • Watch training videos on the Freedom Scientific YouTube Training Channel
  • Locate accessible typing tutors and teach students basic document navigation

Visit  the table of contents for links to lessons as they are added, and see the Freedom Scientific Training page for a complete list of learning resources.