Introducing FS Skill Building and Review

The Freedom Scientific Training team is adding a new learning opportunity to our regularly scheduled trainings. Thanks to your valuable feedback, we have developed FS Skill Building and Review, a monthly interactive session with our training team that allows you to learn and practice tasks that build upon topics covered in our webinars.

We will continue to hold our free live webinars on the first Thursday of each month at 12:00 PM Eastern time and will supplement them with FS Skill Building and Review on the third Thursday of every month at the same time. If you’re interested in going beyond the basics and seeing tasks demonstrated by instructors who will walk you through them, then you will want to participate in this training opportunity.

How It Works

The FS Training Team will meet with you once a month in a virtual classroom via a Zoom meeting. There, we’ll demonstrate each task included in the given topic for that session, provide clear steps for completing it at a classroom pace, and offer plenty of opportunities for questions and review along the way. This is a truly interactive experience that will enable you to break down the specific parts of a particular topic one by one and delve deeper into how they work.

How to Participate

Join us for our very first FS skill building and Review on Thursday, March 21 at 12:00 PM Eastern where the topic will be Easy Listening, Configuring Voice Settings in JAWS. Participating is easy. Simply visit the FS Skill Building and Review Zoom meeting link to go straight to the virtual classroom, or go to our webinars page to join from there.

You will not be required to register or complete a CAPTCHA for the FS Skill Building and Review trainings. We look forward to providing more in-depth instruction on the topics that matter to you and welcome your participation and feedback.


  1. Susan

    Great entry but will these sessions will be recorded so we can go back and listen to them since some of us can not attend live? If you could please put them up for the future because some of us are starting out on Jaws and to have a recording of the program for a guide that would be awesome. That way we can listen to this on our own time and take notes if we want to. I would really like to download the recordings whenever they are up on the website. Please keep this in mind. Thank you.

  2. Susan

    Will the webinars be recorded cause some of us can not attend and would like to download the recording on our own time along with taking notes if you could please put them on the website so we can download them whenever plus it would be great in the future. Thank you.

  3. Okello Charles

    Hello at what time will it be for those who are in East African standard time?

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