Improve Productivity Using Refreshable Braille

would you like to improve your proficiency with a braille display? Join us Thursday, January 19 at noon Eastern time for our live webinar, “How to Improve Productivity Using Refreshable Braille.”

What We’ll Cover

We’ll show you seven features available when using a braille display with JAWS, plus discuss useful commands for the Focus Blue braille displays. Learn how to:

  • Access braille settings in JAWS
  • Use Scratch Pad to take notes when not connected to a computer or portable device
  • Use status cells to obtain formatting information about a document or web page
  • Select, copy, and paste text using the braille display
  • Use Braille Study Mode to teach or learn braille
  • Use BrailleIn to control your computer and input information
  • Use the Braille Viewer to display a representation of the output on a computer screen

Polling Questions

During this webinar, we will use the polling feature in Zoom to collect  demographic information about your products and how you use them. This data will help us create training that is targeted to your needs. To interact with the polling questions in Zoom:

  1. You will receive a notification when the poll is launched and the questions displayed. JAWS will read this notification.
  2. Press the TAB key to navigate through the contents, which includes the name of the poll, the questions, and the answers.
  3. Radio buttons are used where only one answer can be selected. Press the UP ARROW or DOWN ARROW keys to navigate to and select a radio button.
  4. Checkboxes are used for questions that can have more than one answer. Press TAB to navigate to each checkbox, and press the SPACEBAR to select it.
  5. Press ENTER on the Submit button to submit your answers.
  6. Press the ESC key to navigate out of the poll and focus on the Zoom webinar window. Should this occur accidentally, press F6 to return to the questions.

Register for this webinar to improve productivity when using refreshable braille and join us as we celebrate Braille Literacy Month. ACVREP credits will be available to those who attend the live webinar.

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