Google Chrome and JAWS – Three Tips to Improve Your Surfing Experience

Google Chrome has become one of the most popular web browsers, offering a wide range of features for surfing the internet. While functionality with the JAWS screen reader is very similar to that of other browsers, there are some differences in how certain tasks are accomplished.

Whether you’re new to Chrome or browsing the internet in general, you’ll benefit from learning various navigation techniques and keyboard commands to sharpen your skills. Here are three tips to get you started.

1.      Analyze Web Page Layout and Content

When visiting any web page for the first time, it’s helpful to understand its layout and the types of content it contains. You can analyze this by using your arrow keys to read the page, just like you would in a document. The Quick Navigation keys in JAWS are especially useful for determining what elements are on the page such as tables, headings, form fields, etc. keyboard commands are also available for listing links, frames, and other elements.

2.      Bookmark Your Favorite Pages

You can bookmark frequently used pages, so they are accessible when you need them. Keyboard commands simplify this task by allowing you to quickly add a page to your list of bookmarks and easily access them at any time. You can also give them a customized name, so they are instantly recognizable.

3.      Use Surf’s Up to Enhance Your Web Browsing Skills

Surf’s Up by Freedom Scientific gives you a comprehensive look at web pages and how they work. Use this training tool to master web page navigation, learn important reading commands, practice Quick Navigation Keys, and more. It has been rewritten and updated to reflect changes in Windows, JAWS, browsers, etc. and is helpful to users on every learning level.

Want to improve your web browsing experience? Join us Thursday, September 5th at noon Eastern for our live webinar, “Google Chrome and JAWS”. We’ll introduce you to Chrome features, demonstrate useful tasks, and of course answer your questions. Not signed up? Register here.