FS Skill Building and Review, Improving JAWS Skills in Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is a robust application with many useful features that increase productivity at home, in school, and in the workplace. During our last webinar, “Microsoft Outlook with JAWS”, we demonstrated a number of useful features for sending email, managing contacts, and scheduling appointments.

On August 15 at noon Eastern, we’ll provide a task-based approach to learning Outlook with JAWS in “FS Skill Building and Review, Improving JAWS Skills in Outlook”. We value your suggestions, and have built a training based solely on your feedback. Here is a sneak peak at what you can expect.

Add Attachments to An Outgoing Email

Attachments provide a convenient way to quickly share files with others and can be easily added to an outgoing email. We’ll show you a common method for adding files to a message that will save you time and increase productivity.

Create Email Folders

Folders declutter your inbox and let you organize your mail so you can easily locate specific messages when you need them. Learn how to create new folders in Outlook to optimize storage and take advantage of the numerous sorting options available.

Share Calendars

Calendar sharing improves communication between Outlook users by keeping everyone informed of important appointments and events. It’s also easier to schedule meetings with others when you can view their availability. We’ll go over the basics of calendar sharing so you can utilize this handy feature more effectively.

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Want to review the Outlook webinar from August 1? Check out the archive of “Microsoft Outlook with JAWS”. As always, we look forward to interacting with you!