Fusion: Accessibility to the Power of Two

In our upcoming webinar Getting to Know Fusion, we’ll introduce you to the features and benefits of this powerful product as well as provide resources to help jumpstart the learning process. Whether you’re a new Fusion user or teach it to others, the information provided here will give you insight into the product and prepare you for what we will cover.

So, what Is Fusion?

Fusion is two accessibility tools in one package: ZoomText Magnifier/Reader and JAWS Screen reader. These two applications can be used separately or together, depending on an individual’s preferences and needs. When they are both run together as Fusion, a User Interface is available for quickly adjusting magnification and speech settings, placing convenience and functionality right at your fingertips.

Who Can benefit from Fusion?

As a user or trainer of assistive technology, you may be wondering who Fusion is right for and why. It’s important to understand its benefits in order to answer these questions.

Fusion is the perfect accessibility solution for those who, over time, want to smoothly transition from screen magnification to a full screen reader. If you or someone you know is experiencing progressive vision loss, this tool provides the ability to still use magnification while growing accustomed to speech.

Fusion may also be right for users with advanced vision loss who can benefit from both screen magnification and speech, increasing proficiency and productivity. Because ZoomText and JAWS can be used separately or at the same time, users have the ability to choose what works best in any given situation.

Fusion is also the perfect assistive technology solution for organizations employing both screen magnification and speech users. When on a computer equipped with Fusion, each user will have the ability to choose to run ZoomText, JAWS, or both as Fusion. Also, because the product is installed as a single license, one authorization code will let you use all three configurations, and only one software maintenance agreement (SMA) is needed to maintain the software.

Want to learn more about Fusion and how you might benefit from this two-in-one accessibility tool? Visit our Fusion FAQs page for answers to common questions, and register for our live webinar, Getting to Know Fusion on Thursday, February 21 at 12:00 pm ET.

You can also access archives of previous webinars any time on our webinar page.

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  1. Deborah Armstrong

    I would encourage anyone setting up Fusion for a beginner to take the time to learn how to also install the high-quality free voices in the VocalizerExpressive family. I’ve seen too many training labs where the instructor just used the default voice, and a beginner who was primarily a visual learner before loosing his sight had to struggle unnecessarily to master the voice. If you are going to train users, don’t do it from a keystroke cheat sheet — take the time to learn how to configure the software so it’s easiest for a beginner.

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