FSCast 162, Hal Knight with stories from his broadcast radio career, and Rob Santello talks ham radio accessibility

Hal Knight has one of the most familiar voices to people calling the U.S. Freedom Scientific sales department. Most people don’t know that before joining Freedom in 2000, he spent 25 years+ on WPOR as one of Maine’s most popular country music DJs. Hal is also a great storyteller as you’ll hear in his conversation with Glen Gordon.


Rob Santello created the Hampod to make ham radio equipment more accessible. What he thought would be a one-off device has turned out to become a project that’s helped many visually impaired ham operators around the world.  He talks about how video magnifiers have allowed him to continue creating these devices long past the time he thought his declining vision would allow.


Plus, information about who will be hosting FSCast in December, status of SMA shipments in the US, and plans for product updates in December.


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