More news from Computers for the Blind on obtaining an affordable computer complete with JAWS, ZoomText and Fusion

In June, we blogged about our partnership with Computers for the Blind, an initiative that sees JAWS and ZoomText pre-installed on all machines they distribute. Each application can be run on its own, or at the same time through Fusion.

We recently heard from David Jeppson, CFTB’s Executive Director, who told us of a new initiative we thought some readers would be interested in.

CFTB has access to additional grant funds to offer computers for $60 off the regular price.

You’re eligible for this grant if you are in the United States and receive SSI or SSDI due to blindness. You’ll need to provide a copy of your Social Security reward letter.

The grant is also available to parents of legally blind children or youth. In this case, the required documentation is an e-mail from the TVI or caseworker stating that the child needs a computer, would benefit from it, and purchasing a new computer with assistive technology software would create a hardship on the family. It’s not necessary to produce eye reports or income verification.

When your qualification for the grant is verified, you can purchase a desktop computer with a large screen and a home edition license of JAWS, Fusion, or ZoomText. The price includes the JAWS training bundle.

A desktop under this program costs just $70. Laptops are also available under this program, but only to a college student currently taking classes on campus. You will need to provide proof of your attendance. If you are such a student, the Cost of a laptop under the grant is $125.

Computers now ship within two weeks.

David also tells us that CFTB’s Customer Service, available at (214)340-6328, now offers customer service & tech support in English & Spanish.

For more information, please contact CFTB at the above number, or visit the CFTB website.

It’s a pleasure to partner with CFTB as we continue to put technology that maximizes empowerment in the hands of more people.