What’s New in the April 2021 Software Updates?

The April updates of JAWS, ZoomText, and Fusion are here! No matter which product you use, you will benefit from our new features and enhancements. This post offers several examples.

Change the Wake Word for Voice Assistant

By default, Voice Assistant listens for the wake word “Sharky” for JAWS and “Zoomy” for ZoomText and Fusion before accepting commands. You can decrease the possibility of accidentally starting voice assistant by changing the wake word to “hey Sharky” or “hey Zoomy.”

In JAWS, navigate to Settings Center and select the Voice Assistant group, then change the wake word. For ZoomText and Fusion, select the Voice Assistant split-button from the Tools toolbar tab and choose “Listen for wake word ‘Hey Zoomy’.”

Use PlaceMarkers with JAWS and Fusion in Excel Workbooks

PlaceMarkers are now available in Excel when using JAWS and Fusion. Use them when you want to move to a particular cell or select cells between a PlaceMarker and your current location.

  1. Press CTRL+WINDOWS+K to set a PlaceMarker on the current cell. Only one PlaceMarker can be set per worksheet, but you can use them in each sheet in a workbook.
  2. When on a worksheet, press ALT+WINDOWS+K to move to the existing PlaceMarker.
  3. Select all cells between the PlaceMarker and your current location by pressing INSERT+SPACEBAR, followed by M.
  4. Press ALT+CTRL+WINDOWS+K to list all PlaceMarkers in the current workbook.

Display Help When Using JAWS and Fusion with Microsoft Teams

Pressing INSERT+W to access JAWS Help in Teams now displays all available keystrokes for this application. If you press CTRL+. (PERIOD) to display all Teams commands, a JAWS message reminds you that INSERT+W is an easier way to list the commands.

Read Revision Marks in Google Docs with JAWS and Fusion

While navigating in Google Docs with JAWS and Fusion, you can read comments and other revision marks.

  1. When JAWS or Fusion indicate a comment, you can read it, along with replies, by pressing ALT+SHIFT+APOSTROPHE.
  2. To activate the JAWS Virtual PC cursor and place focus on the details page for that comment, press ALT+SHIFT+APOSTROPHE twice quickly.
  3. Press ESC to return to the document. Other revision marks indicate:
  4. Inserted or deleted text
  5. Highlighted or marked text

If you do not want JAWS or Fusion to announce all types of revisions, deselect options in Settings Center:

  • Comment announcement
  • Inserted text announcement
  • Deleted text announcement
  • Marked text announcement

Use Background Reader for ZoomText

Issues were reported with recent versions of ZoomText when the Background Reader feature did not work as expected. This issue is resolved.

To read selected text with Background Reader, press CAPS LOCK+CTRL+B. The text will be read as you continue to navigate in the current application.

Learn More About the Software Updates

Want additional information about these and other software features? Join us on the Clubhouse app Thursday, April 8 at 9:00 A.M. Eastern time. We will discuss JAWS, ZoomText, and Fusion enhancements, plus take your questions.

Clubhouse is currently only available on the iOS platform. Download it to your iOS device from the App Store.

Visit the What’s New pages for JAWSZoomText, and Fusion for a list of all software enhancements. Visit the Freedom Scientific Software page or the Freedom Scientific Software Licensing Portal to download your software.