What’s New in JAWS, ZoomText, and Fusion 2022

JAWS, ZoomText, and Fusion 2022 are here! No matter which software product you use, you will benefit from the new features these upgrades offer. Here are a few examples of what to expect.

Automatically Import Settings

When upgrading to JAWS or Fusion 2022 and going forward, custom settings from a previous release will automatically import. These include:

  • Speech and braille settings
  • Dictionary entries
  • Custom scripts
  • Custom application settings

The migration begins when you start the new version of JAWS. This process is silent, so you will not receive a prompt to import settings. This feature eliminates the need to customize your settings after installing the new version.

Split JAWS Speech and Audio from Other Applications

JAWS and Fusion 2022 give you the ability to split the JAWS and system sound when using a stereo headset or speakers. Hear JAWS speech in one ear and all audio from other applications such as YouTube, Teams, and Zoom in the other. This enables you to read text, adjust settings, and perform other tasks more easily while participating in meetings or training events.

To split sound:

  1. Press INSERT+SPACEBAR to activate the command layer.
  2. Press V for the volume layer, then B for Balance.
  3. Press the RIGHT ARROW key to send JAWS speech to the right ear and audio from all other applications to the left, or the LEFT ARROW key to do the opposite.
  4. When you want to restore balance, press INSERT+SPACEBAR, then V, B, followed by UP ARROW.

This setting remains in effect until you change it or restart JAWS.

Speak Both Voice Assistant Wake Words in Fusion

Previously, Fusion users could only access ZoomText features when activating the Voice Assistant. When using Fusion 2022, you can now speak both Voice Assistant wake words “Hey Sharky” and “Hey Zoomy.” Voice Assistant knows which features are for JAWS or ZoomText and will perform the appropriate action depending on what you ask.

Dock the Quick Access Bar in ZoomText and Fusion

The Quick Access Bar is a feature in ZoomText and Fusion that lets you place up to eight shortcuts for your favorite magnification and speech features all in one location. This eliminates the need to leave your current app to find what you need on the ZoomText or Fusion toolbar. It also keeps you from having to memorize multiple keystrokes.

In ZoomText and Fusion 2022, the Quick Access Bar is docked to one of four corners on your screen when you start the application. This provides a location for the Quick Access Bar to return to when focus is lost, which makes it easy to find when viewing a magnified screen. You can customize this feature by choosing the corner where you want to dock the Quick Access Bar.

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