Welcome to our new blog

It’s my pleasure to welcome you to this, the first post on the new Freedom Scientific blog. We’re thrilled to be here and look forward to providing content that will encourage you to visit regularly.

We have several means of staying in touch with you right now, including our Newsletter and the popular FSCast podcast. So, why another one?

From time-to-time, there will be some overlap between what we provide in FSCast, and what we post here. That’s because we know that podcasts aren’t everyone’s thing, many people like to crank up their speech and get the information quickly.

We’ll be posting here frequently. Broadly speaking, you’ll see content in the following areas.


  • All of us right throughout the VFO family are proud of the difference we make. We’ll introduce you to some of the people who make and support the technology that you use every day.
  • We’ll provide product tips and tricks to help you unleash the immense power of the most flexible blindness and low vision products available.
  • We’ll introduce you to customers who are doing cool things with our technology, to realize their potential on the job, at school, and in life in general.
  • We’ll feature guest posts from contributors who can add value in some way to your use of our technology.
  • And we’ll link to interesting news stories or blog posts.


We’re working hard to ensure that this is a blog that gives you information you’ll find valuable. Do check us out regularly, and thank you again for visiting.