Using PowerPoint with JAWS – Creating Effective and Engaging Presentations

Microsoft PowerPoint is a popular application used to create presentations and is widely utilized by students and professionals everywhere. As a JAWS user or trainer tasked with teaching this application to someone who is blind, you may find it difficult to integrate inherently visual content into presentations in a way that makes sense from a visual standpoint when using a screen reader. There are, however, many ways to create effective and engaging content that looks professional while remaining accessible.

PowerPoint Features

PowerPoint contains a wealth of features for designing rich presentations that enable you to present a clear message while engaging with your audience. JAWS provides options that give you access to these features so you can:

  • Create organized, structured presentations
  • Use a professional, consistent format
  • Include pictures, videos and other visuals to accompany your text content
  • Animate slides for greater visual impact

Creating PowerPoint Presentations with JAWS

As a JAWS user, there are a number of ways to navigate the PowerPoint application window, create slides and insert content all while receiving valuable screen reader feedback. We’ll cover these topics and more in our upcoming live webinar, Microsoft PowerPoint with JAWS. Whether you’re new to PowerPoint or interested in learning more about creating powerful presentations, you’ll benefit from participating in this training. Other topics we’ll cover include:

  • PowerPoint versions and purchasing options
  • Opening and saving presentations
  • Reviewing the Backstage in PowerPoint
  • Teaching tips
  • Tips for nonvisual users

Want to know more? Join us Thursday, May 2 at 12:00 Eastern for an overview of PowerPoint and gain valuable skills for using this popular application with JAWS. We’ll demonstrate essential tasks, provide useful keyboard commands and go over exciting screen reader features that enhance accessibility.

Visit the Registration page to sign up. We look forward to seeing you there.