Three Reasons to Surf with Chrome

Chrome is a popular web browser with a fast, clean interface that is compatible with JAWS and other assistive technologies. Tasks such as searching the web, specifying a default search engine, and accessing settings have been simplified to enhance the user experience. Here are three reasons to surf with Chrome.

Keyboard Commands Provide Instant Access to the Features You Frequently Use

Keyboard commands improve the browsing experience by jumping directly to specific features, allowing you to search and view browsing history, access recent downloads, save passwords, and more. They also increase efficiency and productivity in situations where you need to complete a task quickly.

Search and Sort Bookmarks for Faster Access to Your Favorite Pages

Locate bookmarked pages quickly by using the search feature or arranging them in a particular order. This gives you more ways to manage and organize your most frequently visited pages in a way that is most meaningful to you.

Open Pages in New Tabs or Windows

There are times when you may need to navigate through multiple web pages to access information or perform specific web-based tasks. Perhaps you want to view content on a particular page without leaving the current page you’re accessing altogether, or maybe you need to reference data from various sites. You can choose to open pages in new tabs or browser windows, then move  between these tabs or windows to access the content without navigating back and forth through links.

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