Three Benefits of Using Google Calendar and JAWS

Google Calendar is a web-based time-management and scheduling tool that allows you to create events, share calendars, and manage tasks. Whether you need a way to track personal appointments, work tasks, or school assignments, this powerful application combines cloud computing and calendar functionality so you can access your busy schedule from any computer or a wide range of mobile devices. Google Calendar can also be used by teachers to help students and their parents keep track of assignments.

Use keystrokes and navigation keys to access Google Calendar with JAWS so you can perform these tasks and more:

  • Create events
  • Change notification settings
  • Navigate events
  • Respond to invitations

Here are three benefits of using Google Calendar to manage your busy schedule.

Sync Your Google Calendar Across Multiple Devices

Google lets you sync your calendar across multiple devices so you’ll never miss an appointment. Access your schedule on any computer where an internet connection is present, as well as on your phone or tablet.

Access Multiple Calendars in One Place

Google allows you to access multiple calendars all in one place. Create a separate calendar for personal use, work tasks, school assignments, and anything else you’d like to keep track of, then customize the settings for each.

Integrate Google Calendar with Your Gmail

Google Calendar can be integrated with your Gmail so you can create events and respond to event invitations right from your email. When you receive messages containing an event description along with a date and time, you’ll have the option of adding the event to your calendar. The event details will be copied automatically into the appropriate fields.

Want to learn more about using Google Calendar to manage your busy schedule? Check out our instructional demonstration, Google Calendar and JAWS, now available on our Webinars On Demand page. Stream the MP3 or download the MP4, plus use our resources to supplement your learning experience.