Sharkvember Shortcuts Weekly Roundup

Here at Freedom Scientific, we have renamed the month of November Sharkvember, a month-long celebration of accessibility, creativity, and community. Visit the Sharkvember page for a list of events that will take place during this month.

As part of Sharkvember, we are providing daily JAWS and ZoomText keyboard command tips, which we are calling “Sharkvember Shortcuts.” Visit the Sharkvember Shortcuts page each day for a new tip.

Here is the final roundup of Sharkvember Shortcuts for the last week of the month.

Sharkvember Keyboard Command of the Day

Nov 27: JAWS Command

Open Quick Settings

Desktop keystrokeLaptop keystrokeDescription
INSERT+VCAPS LOCK+VOpens the Quick Settings dialog, where you can adjust JAWS settings for the application currently in use.

Nov 28: ZoomText Command

Open Message Center

CAPS LOCK+MOpens Message Center, which is your hub for timely announcements from Freedom Scientific that help make the most out of ZoomText. The messages cover a variety of topics, including product-specific training tips, descriptions of new features and updates, details about upcoming webinars and additional training opportunities, and notifications about new FSCast podcast episodes.

Nov 29: JAWS Command

Access JAWS Command Search

Desktop keystrokeLaptop keystrokeDescription
INSERT+SPACE, JCAPS LOCK+ SPACE, JOpens Command Search, where you type in a word or phrase to find a JAWS keystroke. For example, you can find the keystroke and description of a specific feature or task, such as “List Headings” or “Say Selected Text.” Choose a command and press ENTER to perform the command from the Search Commands window.

Nov 30: ZoomText Command

Use Freeze View

CAPS LOCK+NCreates a Freeze View window.
CAPS LOCK+CTRL+x, where x is 1, 2, 3, or 4Toggles Freeze View on or off. The value “x” is a number—1, 2, 3, or 4—that represents which Freeze View window you are entering or leaving.   With this feature, you can draw a window around the area of the screen that you want to monitor. After you make your selection, the Freeze View displays on top of the full zoom window, which continues to operate normally. The Clock and Start menu are on opposite sides of the screen, for example, so you can select one as a Freeze View and see both simultaneously.   The magnification level of the Freeze View is not affected by changes to the full zoom window. You can create up to four Freeze Views and place them anywhere on the screen.
CAPS LOCK+AAdjusts the size and position of a Freeze View window.
ESCCloses the Freeze View tool, the Freeze View Selection tool, or the Freeze View Adjustment frame.

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