Sharkvember Shortcuts Weekly Roundup

Here at Freedom Scientific, we have renamed the month of November Sharkvember, a month-long celebration of accessibility, creativity, and community. Visit the Sharkvember page for a list of events that will take place during this month.

As part of Sharkvember, we are providing daily JAWS and ZoomText keyboard command tips, which we are calling “Sharkvember Shortcuts.” Visit the Sharkvember Shortcuts page each day for a new tip.

Each Friday, we are providing a roundup of shortcuts for the week right here on the blog. Here are the Sharkvember Shortcuts for this week.

Sharkvember Keyboard Command of the Day

Nov 20: ZoomText Command

Cursor Enhancements On and Off

CAPS LOCK+RActivates or deactivates cursor enhancements, which make it easy to locate and follow the text cursor. A choice of high visibility locators marks the cursor’s position without obscuring the surrounding text. You can choose from preset cursor schemes or customize your own cursor settings.

Nov 21: JAWS Command

Say Color

Desktop keystrokeLaptop keystrokeDescription
INSERT+5 (on the number row)CAPS LOCK+5 (on the number row)JAWS says the foreground and background colors of the text at the location of the active cursor.

Nov 22: ZoomText Command

Speech On and Off

CAPS LOCK+ALT+ENTEREnables and disables speech output for screen reading and allows you to open the Voice Settings dialog box where you can select and customize different voices.

Nov 23: JAWS Command

Face in View Feature On and Off

Desktop keystrokeLaptop keystrokeDescription
INSERT+SPACE, F, OCAPS LOCK+ SPACE, F, OToggles the Face in View feature on and off. Before joining a video call, you can use this feature to center your face, ensure you are looking directly at the camera, check for adequate lighting, and be aware of other items in the view. Once you have entered the Face in View layer by pressing INSERT+SPACE, F in desktop layout or CAPS LOCK+SPACE, F in laptop layout, press ? (question mark) for a list of Face in View commands.

Nov 24: ZoomText Command

Focus Enhancements On and Off

CAPS LOCK+FFocus enhancements make it easy to locate and follow the control focus when you press TAB and the arrow keys to navigate through menus, dialogs, toolbars, and other application controls. When enabled, a choice of high visibility locators marks the position of the control with focus without obscuring surrounding text. You can choose from preset focus schemes or customize your own focus settings.

Nov 25: JAWS Command

Append Selected Text to Clipboard

Desktop keystrokeLaptop keystrokeDescription
INSERT+WINDOWS+CCAPS LOCK+ WINDOWS+CThe FSClipboard allows you to append text to the clipboard without replacing the content each time text is appended. This feature removes all formatting from the text that you copy, which is useful in applications like Microsoft Word where you want to avoid adding styles, numbering, and other formatting to a document. Using a Copy To Clipboard command instead of an Append To Clipboard command erases any previous clipboard content and replaces it with the new content.

Nov 26: ZoomText Command

Say Current Time or Date

Use these layered commands to have ZoomText speak the current time or date.

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