June 2023 Software Updates

The June updates of JAWS, ZoomText, and Fusion 2023 are here! No matter which product you use, you will benefit from the new features and enhancements.

We strongly encourage installing the updates so you can take advantage of new features and updated performance. We regularly update JAWS, ZoomText, and Fusion to stay current with Windows, browsers, Office, and other applications. Here are a few examples of new enhancements.

Message Center

The Message Center, included in JAWS, ZoomText, and Fusion, is a hub for announcements, tips, and information about updates. It helps maximize your experience with our software by always providing the most recent details. Message topics include:

  • Power tips
  • Training events
  • New podcast episodes
  • Information about new features and updates

The Message Center is currently available for English and Dutch. Support for additional languages will be added in future updates.

Access the Message Center from the JAWS Help menu, or the ZoomText or Fusion main application menu, or by asking the Voice assistant to “Open Message Center.” Alternatively, in JAWS and Fusion, press INSERT+SPACE followed by SHIFT+M to open the Message Center. Use the Search box to filter by the category of messages, and use the Settings dialog to customize which types of messages you receive.

Braille Display Auto Detection Improvements

JAWS now automatically configures most third-party braille displays at startup, so you no longer need to manually add your display. This speeds up the setup process when connecting a braille display via USB or Bluetooth.

If JAWS is currently running, braille displays are also detected when connected over USB or Bluetooth. However, when connecting a display via Bluetooth, the Auto detect braille display using Bluetooth option must be enabled in Settings Center. While auto detection over USB happens quickly, connecting over Bluetooth can take up to approximately 10 seconds.

New Freeze View Functionality

Freeze View is a long-time feature of ZoomText and Fusion that now offers new and improved functionality. This functionality was first introduced in the December 2022 update as a part of the Early Adopter Program, which enables you to preview new and updated product features that are in development.

It is impossible to see the entire screen at once when working in a magnified view. As a result, certain items such as the clock, located in the notification area, and the Start Menu are not visible at the same time since they are on opposite sides of the screen.

Freeze View allows you to draw a window around a part of the screen you want to monitor. This window, called a Freeze View, is displayed on top of the magnified window and contains the area you selected. The magnified window operates normally, tracking all onscreen activity and allowing you to work in all areas of the screen.

You can create up to four Freeze Views on the screen. Freeze Views use the current magnification level, which does not change when you change the magnification level for the main magnified area.

Watch our Freeze View video for additional details and a demonstration of this new functionality.

Visit the What’s New pages for JAWSZoomText, and Fusion to see a list of all software enhancements. Visit the Freedom Scientific Software page or the Freedom Scientific Software Licensing Portal to download your software.