Got a favorite JAWS feature? Share it for possible use in “JAWS Bytes Live”

Users of our JAWS® screen reading software know it’s packed with features that make using a computer as a blind person efficient and effective. It’s such a powerful product that we all benefit from the nuggets of information JAWS users share with one another about how they use JAWS effectively in a given situation.

Some years ago, we created a section of our official podcast, FSCast, called “JAWS Bytes”, in which we highlight some of these excellent features. Sometimes, as the host of the podcast, I put a JAWS Byte together, while at other times we’re delighted to play a contribution from one of our users.

This year at the CSUN conference in March, I’m hosting a session we’re calling “JAWS Bytes Live”. While I’m coordinating it, this session is very much user-driven. It’s all about the many things people can get done thanks to JAWS that just can’t be done with any other tool.

Do you have a favorite feature of JAWS that helps you be more productive and efficient? Maybe it’s something you use and value every day, but you’ve discovered that some of your JAWS-using friends don’t know about it or its full potential.

I’d love to hear from you. We’ll be using some of these features in the JAWS Bytes Live presentation at CSUN, and even more in future episodes of FSCast. if you’re attending CSUN, we might invite you to give us a quick demonstration or description of the feature. If you can’t make it to the conference, I’d be happy to summarize the feature for you.

To share your JAWS Byte idea, along with how you use the feature, please drop me an email. My address is jmosen at vfogroup dot com. Note, the address is spelled out here in a way that hopefully deflects the spam bots. if you’ll be attending CSUN this year, be sure to let me know that in your email.

I look forward to receiving your JAWS Bytes idea.