Follow Freedom Scientific on Mastodon

We now have a presence on the social media platform Mastodon. This enables us to increase the ways we connect with you to share training content and news.

Mastodon is a social network where users can follow one another, share information, and engage in conversations. We will regularly post information about upcoming training events, links to archives, and power tips to Mastodon.

Visit the Mastodon website to learn more about how it works and join Mastodon. Once you are a member, be sure to search for and follow @freedomscientific.

Mastodon also offers native keyboard shortcuts for use when accessing the platform from their website. Visit their keyboard shortcuts page for a list of these commands, which include open post, reply to post, mention author, and start a new post.

Have questions? Send an email to We look forward to engaging with you on Mastodon!