Download New Software Builds to Improve Accessibility in Chrome Beta and Visual Studio Code

Do you use the Beta version of Google Chrome? Do you use Visual Studio Code? Read on.

There are two separate issues facing users regarding a change in the Google Chrome Beta release and Visual Studio Code. Both issues impact few users but are significant. If you are not using the Beta version of Chrome or do not use Visual Studio Code, you will not be impacted by these issues.

Can’t Interact with the Address Bar in Google Chrome Beta

Beginning February 15, JAWS users running the Chrome Beta release may be enrolled in an experiment by Google that will result in the inability to interact with the browser’s address bar. When typing in the address bar, if typing echo is set to character, word, or both, JAWS will speak what you type, but you will be unable to read the contents. Autocomplete information will also not be spoken.

This issue is impacting 50% of those using the Google Chrome Beta release. If you are running the standard Chrome release, this experiment will not impact you. If you have not intentionally installed Chrome Beta, you are most likely not running it.

Left and Right Braces Not Detected in Visual Studio Code

A recent change in Visual Studio Code prevents JAWS from detecting left and right braces when navigating code. If you are navigating by character or word, JAWS will say “blank” when the focus is on one of these characters. When using the Say Line command, JAWS will skip over these characters as if they aren’t there, or if the line only contains left or right braces, it will speak the word “blank.”

Fusion Suite Software Updates

Fixes for the two issues outlined above will be included in the March automatic updates of JAWS, ZoomText, and Fusion 2024, as well as in the automatic updates of the 2022 and 2023 software versions, which will also release in March.

If you are impacted by either or both of these issues today, you can manually download updates for software versions 2022, 2023, and 2024 that resolve them. They are all available on the Freedom Scientific Downloads page.

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