Creating an Accessible Kiosk Experience

Kiosks are commonly used by companies to provide an on-site interactive customer experience. These small, stand-alone devices or enclosures can be found in doctors’ offices, restaurants, banks, and many other businesses.

Kiosks have become an essential tool in many industries, and provide access to a wide range of services, including:

  • Shopping
  • Banking
  • Accessing healthcare
  • Applying for jobs
  • Voting
  • Filling out paperwork

Some kiosks are touch-screen while others use a keyboard and mouse for inputting data. Both types present accessibility challenges to users who are blind or visually impaired and need verbal feedback to operate them. Accessible input devices such as those made by Storm Assistive Technologies provide alternatives for touchscreen and mouse interfaces. 

JAWS Kiosk

Vispero’s JAWS Kiosk software is designed specifically to work with Storm’s Assistive Technology Products and other input devices to provide an accessible kiosk solution. Features of JAWS Kiosk include:

  • Auto start JAWS upon insertion of headphones
  • Auto stop/session when headphones are removed
  • Compatible with kiosk system software
  • Fully customizable through JAWS scripting
  • Full functionality even when an internet connection is not present
  • Custom welcome message
  • Multi-language/Multi-voice JAWS support
  • Standard keypad integration
  • Customized button functionality

Watch the JAWS Kiosk video to observe it in action.

Watch the JAWS Kiosk video

Kiosk accessibility enables individuals who are blind and visually impaired to independently interact with a wide range of businesses. Users can feel secure when working with sensitive information, and gain even more independence in their daily lives.

JAWS Kiosk is a collaboration between sister companies The Paciello Group (TPG) and Freedom Scientific, which are both under the Vispero umbrella. It helps kiosk manufacturers meet accessibility requirements across multiple industries.

Integrating JAWS Kiosk and Storm Assistive Technology devices into a kiosk solution has never been easier. Read more about JAWS Kiosk for additional details. To add accessibility to kiosks, visit TPG’s blog to learn about creating an accessible kiosk experience.