Accessible COVID-19 Statistics Tracker

Much of the available data regarding the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak is displayed on the web in a graphical format. This makes it impossible to access for screen reader users , and may present issues for those using ZoomText or Fusion. Tyler Littlefield seeks to solve this issue by creating a fully accessible COVID-19 statistics tracker, which provides critical information in a text format that is easy to read and understand.

Navigating the Site

The data is broken down into categories that are displayed as headings. By default, each heading is collapsed. Expand a heading by pressing SPACEBAR. This action displays the corresponding statistics for that category, which can be read by pressing the DOWN ARROW key. Collapse a heading by pressing SPACE again.

The headings include:

  • Global stats
  • Country stats
  • Breakdown of states in the United States
  • Change log

The information displayed under the headings for Country stats and the Breakdown of states in the United States is displayed in tables. Once you have entered a table using JAWS or Fusion, you can navigate these tables in either of the two following ways.

  • Hold down the CTRL and ALT keys simultaneously and use the ARROW KEYS to move a cell at a time.
  • Activate Table Navigation using the Layered command feature. Press INSERT+SPACE to enter Layered Mode, then T to turn on Table Navigation.

While in this layered mode you can:

  • Move by cell using the Arrow Keys.
  • Move to the beginning or end of a row by pressing CTRL+UP ARROW or CTRL+DOWN ARROW.
  • Move to the beginning or end of the row using HOME or END.
  • Move to the first or last cell in a table using CTRL+HOME or CTRL+END.
  • Read the current row with SHIFT+UP ARROW.
  • Read the current column with  SHIFT+NUM PAD 5.

The table layer will remain active while these commands are used.

Press ESC to exit the table layer.

The change log provides the most recent updates regarding site accessibility. Submit questions or leave feedback using the information found under the Contact heading.

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