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About FSCast

FSCast is Freedom Scientific’s podcast, featuring news, interviews, and product demonstrations relating to Freedom Scientific products. FSCast is a great way to make the most of the products you have as well as learning about what’s new and what’s around the corner.

Our products are all about helping people fulfill their potential, so FSCast also features interviews with users of our products in a range of roles and vocations.

We also love to get your feedback. Submit a JAWS byte or leave us a comment. You can email FSCast at vfogroup dot com, or call the listener line and leave us a message on (727) 803-8000, ext 1010.

How to listen

FSCast is a podcast. If you’re not familiar with that term, podcasts are audio, and sometimes video, programming delivered over the Internet.

We’ve made it super easy to find us no matter how you like to listen to things. Let’s look at just a few ways.

JAWS, Fusion, and ZoomText

By default, JAWS, Fusion, and ZoomText will alert you whenever a new FSCast episode is available. If you choose to listen to an episode by responding to the alert screen, the episode will launch in your default Windows player for MP3 files.

If you’d like to, you can disable these alerts from Settings Center.

Email alerts

If you subscribe to email alerts from the Freedom Scientific Blog by completing the simple form on the Blog’s main page, you’ll also receive an email alert the moment we publish a new episode of FSCast.

Subscribe to FSCast in a podcast app

FSCast is listed in all the good podcast directories. If you have a podcast app on your PC or smartphone, simply search for FSCast and choose to subscribe. Alternatively, you can subscribe in Apple Podcasts right here, or use the FSCast RSS feed.


Have an iPhone and want to try us out? That’s easy, just say to Siri, “play Freedom Scientific FSCast” and Siri will play the latest episode for you.

Listen with Amazon Echo and other Alexa-enabled devices

Got an Amazon Echo or something that can talk to Alexa? We are available through Alexa’s podcast skill, AnyPod. Enable AnyPod and ask it to play FSCast.

Google Home

Got a Google Home? You can listen to us on it. Tell Google to play FSCast.

Other ways to listen

We publish the latest episode of FSCast on our Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Listen or download in your web browser

While not as convenient, some people like to stream or download episodes from their web browser. We offer a couple of options for you.