Advantages of Getting to Know JAWS

JAWS is a powerful screen reading application with many useful features that provide access to a wealth of information across multiple platforms. Whether you use it to navigate screen content or are teaching others to do so, there are several distinct advantages to knowing its various keystrokes and capabilities.

JAWS includes a vast array of keyboard commands and features designed to provide speech and Braille output to users who are unable to see screen content or navigate using a mouse. This makes performing both simple and more complex tasks possible, adding greater functionality to the user experience. As you begin your journey of getting to know JAWS, here are some benefits to consider.

Increase Your Level of Productivity

As you become more familiar with using JAWS and its features, you will be able to apply them to a wide range of popular applications. Tasks such as: reading window titles, changing JAWS settings, and reading dialogs enable you to increase your level of productivity both when using the JAWS screen reader and your computer as a whole.

Access a Multitude of Application-Specific Features

JAWS gives you access to features specific to the applications you use every day. Whether you’re typing a document, working within a spreadsheet, checking Email, or browsing the Internet, you can use menu commands and hotkeys to perform tasks, all without clicking the mouse. JAWS provides application-specific information via speech or Braille output, enabling you to navigate the screen contents with ease.

Change Computer Settings and User Preferences

In addition to acquiring JAWS-specific information, you will also learn your way around the Windows operating system, making it possible to change a variety of important computer settings and user preferences. Tasks such as: adjusting system volume, setting system date and time, designating default applications for specific file types, and adding networks can all be accomplished using the keyboard.

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