Module 10 of JAWS Training for Teachers and AT Instructors

The tenth module of our JAWS training for teachers and assistive technology (AT) instructors is available on our Teaching Resources page. Each module in the series builds upon the last and contains lessons, videos, and a quiz to test your knowledge.

What’s in Module 10?

Module 10, Accessibility Features of Windows, introduces you to the Ease of Access Center in Windows, and provides ways of configuring accessibility settings. Learn how to adjust:

  • Vision-Display
  • Mouse Pointer
  • Text Cursor
  • Magnifier
  • High Contrast

We will also provide information on using Fusion, a Freedom Scientific software product that includes both JAWS and ZoomText.

Overview of Previous Modules

The modules leading up to Module 10 offer instruction on many basic JAWS features.

  • Module 1 introduces you to the training and shows you how to access JAWS training resources.
  • Module 2 covers options for starting JAWS and creating folders.
  • Module 3 introduces you to FSReader and shows you how to access the JAWS Basic Training materials.
  • Module 4 teaches commands for reading and editing text, plus demonstrates the use of the PC, JAWS, and Virtual PC cursors.
  • Module 5 shows you how to get help in JAWS and quickly search for information.
  • Module 6 covers applications commonly used in learning environments for practicing typing skills, accessing books, and connecting online.
  • Module 7 reviews surfing the internet with JAWS and shows you how to navigate various web page elements.
  • Module 8 provides an overview of setting up a refreshable braille display and introduces you to important features of the display.
  • Module 9 provides an overview of using the JAWS Dictionary Manager and introduces you to its functions.

Visit the table of contents to access all modules, and see the Freedom Scientific Training Center for a complete list of learning resources. We value your feedback, so please fill out the short evaluation form at the end of each module.