Join Our Live Webinar on Understanding Cursors in JAWS

Have you ever wondered why there are so many cursors in JAWS? Are you curious about where and when to use them? Join us on Thursday, May 21 at noon Eastern for our live webinar, “So Many Cursors, So Little Time, Understanding Cursors in JAWS.”

There are many ways to read and navigate in applications with JAWS. The information read back to you can depend on which cursor you use. During this training, we will introduce you to the various cursors in JAWS and define their functions.

JAWS began as a dual cursor design consisting of the PC and JAWS cursors, which are both still used today. The PC cursor follows application focus while the JAWS cursor is used to review the screen.

Additional cursors have since been added to provide access to various types of information. The Virtual PC cursor, for example, is used in applications such as web browsers, email clients, and PDF documents. This cursor functions much like the PC cursor does in documents and other areas where an insertion point is present.

Most of the time, JAWS detects the cursor that works best in the current application. However, you may encounter apps that are less accessible and require you to manually choose a different cursor for navigating. Understanding how and when to use the various cursors can be helpful in these situations.

Webinar topics include:

  • An overview of the cursors available in JAWS and Fusion
  • Accessing documents, menus, and dialog boxes with the PC cursor
  • Navigating HTML documents with the Virtual PC cursor
  • Accessing information on the screen with the JAWS and Invisible cursors
  • How the Scan cursor works in modern apps such as the Calculator and those found in the Microsoft Store

Register for this webinar to gain a greater understanding of the various cursors in JAWS. Can’t make it to the training? All our webinars are available to stream or download on our Webinars On Demand page.