FSCast 246, a visit with Dr. Tim Cordes, plus Crystal Jones talks about Microsoft’s Disability Answer Desk

On FSCast 246, we’ll meet psychiatrist Dr. Tim Cordes.  He’s been working in addiction medicine for nearly 20 years, and back in 2005 was the second totally blind person to graduate from medical school.  Then all about Microsoft’s Disability Answer Desk that can help solve problems related to Microsoft software.  Crystal Jones will be here with all the details.

Activate to listen, right-click to download. You can also read the transcript.

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  1. Eric Damery

    Loved this interview with Tim Cordes. I met Tim only once, back in 1994 at the Palmer House during my first Convention with Henter-Joyce. Tim and his dad, Tom, came by the booth the first day and I was very impressed with Tim (16 at that time). He clearly has been very busy since then. Thanks Glen for reaching out to find Tim. Excellent interview as always.

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