FSCast 153 US national conventions, May software updates, listener feedback, Mark Nelson from Digital Apex, Douglas Gerry

We’re looking ahead to the ACB and NFB national conventions. Mark your calendar for Eric Damery’s presentations at both.

Software updates for JAWS, ZoomText and Fusion are coming by the end of May.

Listener comments discuss dongle authorization, hearing FSCast on Amazon Echo and more.

At the CSUN conference, Jonathan Mosen spoke with Mark Nelson of Digital Apex. Mark discusses what he’s doing now including his innovative training solutions, and looks back to the early days of screen reading and those legendary duelling Windows presentations.

Jonathan also sat down with Douglas Gerry, our National Strategic Sales Manager for a discussion about Douglas’s role, his history in the industry, and the state of accessibility today.

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  1. Paul Clayton

    Whilst I recently subscribed to the blog, I am not impressed that I can no longer seem to access the podcasts. I’m trying to view issue 153 and have clicked several links fromt the e-mail but am going round and round in circles. There is no obvious way to locate this information. Any help you can provide to fix this would be grately appreciated

  2. Jonathan Mosen

    Hi Paul, apologies for this. We’re aware of the issue, which is that the link in the email is sending users to an inaccessible player from our new podcast provider. We corrected this manually on the post on the website, but the automated email was sent out before the correction to the post was saved.
    We are hoping we’ll have this fixed for the next episode, but for now, the way to get the episode is to click the link on the web version of this post, rather than the email. That will cause the MP3 either to start playing or to download, depending on how you have Windows configured.
    To be sure you download the file, you can tab to the link on the web version of the post and press shift+F10 for the context menu, then choose the option to download the file.
    The episode is also available on http://blog.freedomscientific.com/fscast

    Sadly, small issues like this with a new system are likely, so hope this explanation makes sense and thanks for your patience.

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